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Personal class rates at the following locations:

Kensington Pool ulsoor - Rs 18400 incl tax for 10 classes (NOT HEATED)
Catholic Club - Rs 24000 plus tax for 10 classes (TEMP CONTROL)
Hilton @ Embassy Golf Links - Rs 35000 + tax for 10 classes (TEMP CONTROL)

Alternatively if you would like a personal batch at your own location fees are Rs 24000 for 10 classes (this is for groups, max 6 participants, all at the same swimming level)

1) This is strictly a one to one class rate at our hotel / club locations.
If the classes are at your home then group size of max 6 people all at the same age / level.
2) Max of 3 weeks to finish the 10 class duration.
3) Client will need to decide one time slot for the class and that time slot cannot be changed once decided.
4) Availability of the coach at the time slot required to be checked with the academy via email prior to sign up.