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Want your pool to be as blue as ours? We are now ISPE (Institute of Swimming Pool Enginners, UK) certified for pool and spa operations
The sight of a completely green pool in summer and disappointed kids faces is always a downer. If you have a problem with your pool which you want resolved quickly, let us know by emailing or calling 98453-98443
We offer a complete range of services from cleaning out green water to re-filling of sand filters and pump servicing.

Additionally if you would like to get trained on how to maintain a pool we are happy to arrange this at a nominal fee. We would always recommend that one of the committee members in an apartment gets trained as it requires a certain amount of basic chemistry understanding, which very often the pool maintenance personnel who are actually involved in day to day operations dont have.  

We also offer consultancy services on pool building and draw on our vast experience with a variety of pools to offer clients the best advice on types of pools, disinfectant equipment, safety and chemical systems etc